Top 5 Text Editor’s For Web Development in 2021 | By CodeWithWebDev

In this blog, we’ll see the Top 5 Text Editor’s For Web Development that you can use in 2021. This list is prepared according to how I think it is, you might have a different view and you might prefer a different text editor. I have used all of these text editors at different points in time according to the need. So If you don’t agree with me, it’s completely fine, you might be comfortable with a different text editor.

When you are new to Web Development, choosing the right text editor has a lot of impact on how you will turn out to be a developer. If you choose the right editor that suits you, one that you can easily work on, your work rate increases as there is no need to waste time getting familiar with the editor. But, If you end up choosing the wrong text editor, you will need to give time to get familiar with that text editor and then focus on coding.

As you move along in your journey as a Web Developer, you might learn from different instructors and different teacher who might use different text editor’s, it is not necessary that you should use the same text editor as your instructor, you can use the one you are already comfortable with. Choose whatever you think will make you more productive and go on!

So, let’s get going!

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VS Code is a free source code editor developed by Microsoft. It helps write, debug & corrects the code using the Intellisense method. It has so many features that people often compare it with IDE, some even call it a mini IDE, but I leave it up to you to decide what you want it to be.

VS Code is a cross-platform software that works on Windows, MAC OS, and Linux, it is easy to use. It also has many language support & also customizable by us.

We can set whichever theme we want and make it look like whatever we want.

It runs so smoothly and is a very developer-friendly UI which makes it the most used text editor around the world!

  • High Battery Consumption.
  • Limited Debugging Tools.
  • Device Heating sometimes.
  • Language Support not that high.

If you want to install VS Code on your system, here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

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Atom was developed by GitHub, which is now owned by Microsoft. It is free to use has cross-platform support i.e. it will run on Windows, MAC & Linux, so whichever OS you use you have Atom available.

It is also one of the most used Text Editors among developers. Atom has many built-in packages and cool features such as GIT integration, teletype, and many more, which makes its competitors in Text Editors. Many users shifted from Sublime to Atom because of the simpler UI and ease to access.

  • It is slow on Startup.
  • Cannot handle big files.
  • Switching between Software is hard.
  • Too much memory & Battery consumption.
  • It sometimes freezes & closes thus losing all the code.
  • Device overheating.

Download from here:

A tutorial on how to setup Atom:

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Brackets is an open-source modern code editor, it is written mostly in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It is created by Adobe, Its logo also says’s built with the web for the web. It is mainly used for web designing and Front-End Development. No one generally uses brackets for server-side development because it mainly focuses on front-end/ client-side development even though now language support has been added.

We also have many cool features that we first introduced in Brackets such as live preview, color picker, and so on.

We can use plugins and extensions to make our editor even more powerful.

It also supports cross-platform development.

  • It focuses only on front-end development
  • Not much back-end support even though it has Python, Ruby, etc.
  • For server-side development, we need to shift to another browser.

Only due to this reason, many developers avoid using Brackets. If they overcome this issue, then I guess many developers would shift back to Brackets and it will be widely used.

A tutorial on how to setup Brackets:

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The current version of Sublime Text is Sublime Text 3. You can download it for free, but it is not free officially. After some time you might need to purchase a licensed version. The free version provides mostly all the functions of the licensed version, but it will keep on showing you pop-ups while you are coding which gets annoying and after some time you just quit using it.

Sublime is also a cross-platform software, many people prefer sublime because of its startup speed. It is very light-weight and fast. The keyboard shortcuts are quite useful while working on JavaScript.

  • Not Beginner-friendly
  • Slow development
  • Complicated plugins installation
  • No Autosave due to which code is lost
  • Takes time to understand the environment, which reduces productivity.
  • Need to install many Plugins that other editors have in-built.

Download Sublime from here: Sublime

A tutorial on how to setup Sublime Text 3:

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Notepad++ is a free source code editor and is a replacement for the basic Notepad you have on your Windows. This is not a cross-platform app, it is only available for Windows OS. It is supported by Microsoft along with VS Code & Atom now.

It’s basic and simple and does not have many in-built packages but it still does the work.

  • No syntax checking.
  • No cross-platform support.
  • Not visually that good.
  • Installing Plugin is a little complicated.

A tutorial to Install Notepad++:

I started learning web development in Notepad++, moved to bracket’s and then Atom, and this recently made a switch to VS Code & I’m absolutely in love with VS Code.

I prefer VS Code over all other text editors because VS Code has many features & packages in-built, that you might have to download in other editors.

Even in Atom, there are many features that you need to download as packages, but VS Code has so many built-in features what can I say.

VS Code makes development fast, easy, and it has so many themes that make it look good visually and makes us feel comfortable, and makes us feel powerful

as we have control over the editor. I would prefer you to try VS Code, or else you can just try them for yourself and decide which one suits you.

The data I’ve mentioned above is from my own personal experience.

A few things might have changed, if they did and you find them out be sure to comment on it so that I can update it here.

Thanks a lot for keeping calm and reading this.
You know what to do and how to proceed.
You can contact me in case of any doubt or if you need assistance.
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