Top 5 Text Editor’s For Web Development in 2021 | By CodeWithWebDev

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  • High Battery Consumption.
  • Limited Debugging Tools.
  • Device Heating sometimes.
  • Language Support not that high.
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  • It is slow on Startup.
  • Cannot handle big files.
  • Switching between Software is hard.
  • Too much memory & Battery consumption.
  • It sometimes freezes & closes thus losing all the code.
  • Device overheating.
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  • It focuses only on front-end development
  • Not much back-end support even though it has Python, Ruby, etc.
  • For server-side development, we need to shift to another browser.
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  • Not Beginner-friendly
  • Slow development
  • Complicated plugins installation
  • No Autosave due to which code is lost
  • Takes time to understand the environment, which reduces productivity.
  • Need to install many Plugins that other editors have in-built.
Source: Google Images
  • No syntax checking.
  • No cross-platform support.
  • Not visually that good.
  • Installing Plugin is a little complicated.

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