Top 6 Free Websites To Learn CSS 3 In 2021

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In this blog, we will see the Top 6 Free Websites from where you can learn CSS 3. We will see free sites where you can master your skills. So let’s get started. We will only see websites where you can read along and learn not the websites that provide Video Tutorials.

1. W3Schools (Free)

If you are a beginner and you have taken any course on web development, this is the site everyone suggests you should go to if you are stuck anywhere. W3Schools is a website where you can learn everything about web development and programming. W3Schools explains all the core concepts with examples and also an editor where you can see the code snippet and try it out for yourself. It provides a brief section of each language and everything relating to it. It is one of the most used sites and you have a complete CSS section here.

2. MDN Web Docs (Free)

The next on our list is MDN Web Docs, originally knows as Mozilla Developer Network. Initially for developers using Mozilla. It has grown a lot as developers started using it for reference to various languages. It offers an in-depth explanation and so many details that you might not even know. The CSS section provides valuable CSS information and tutorials, examples, and much more.

3. Dev Docs (Free)

DevDocs is a web app aimed at providing you with quick access to the reference manual of just about every front-end language and library. It lists all the APIs of a given selected language and their official documentation in an easily browsable and viewable format. It provides you with the official documentation of all the technologies required in web development. It also works online, and can also be installed in chrome. It provides vast resources from which you can learn.

4. FreeCodeCamp.Org (Free)

Next on the list, we have, which is also one of the best free resources on the internet to learn Web Development. It teaches you everything you need to know about web development and also provides certifications.

freeCodeCamp has an interactive setup that includes a live code testing environment with multiple windows built directly into the browser. This is great as it saves the students time in having to set up an environment themselves.

5. CodeCademy (Free)

Codeacademy is one of the most popular coding websites on the internet. It has taught more than 45 million users to code. Its main advantage is that it has many free courses.

Codecademy provides many free courses but there are a few restrictions, if you want you can also buy their pro version where you get many resources & certifications. It offers a hands-on, interactive, and fun approach to learn. You have quizzes & projects after each section, which you cant skip.

The free CSS section provides you enough knowledge to get you started but for advance concepts, you do need a Pro version.

6. GeeksForGeeks (Free)

It is a computer science portal for geeks. You have everything that you will ever need on this site. It does not only guides you in web development but also in many other things relating to coding. You also have Data Structures & Algorithms here, you can also study for entrance exams on this portal. The CSS section is pretty good and provides most of the information that is needed if not all. You should definitely try this one out.


If you want to learn how to code and are serious about web development. You should definitely spend your time on these websites, you can learn a lot from here. But the only thing that might be a problem for a few people is that all of these sites have written documentation & explanations. They do not provide video tutorials and reading and learning might be hard for some people. But if you are not one of those you can definitely try these sites.

I will also write an article on paid sites to learn CSS with video tutorials, so stay tuned.

If you have used any other quality resources to learn programming and web development, I’m happy to learn about them in the response section

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